Verso jewelry, by Melanie Brauner, is made from metal forms cast in handmade paper. The metal is dipped into a pulp of water and finely beaten paper fibers from a plant called abaca. The fibers cling to the metal and shrink as they dry. A tight, translucent paper skin is built up on the form over successive dips. The concept is the same as making a sheet of handmade paper, but around a three-dimensional form, and by building up thin layers over several days. After a translucent layer of paper has built up, the forms are hand-dyed and finally sealed with resin to make them waterproof and durable.

The pieces are inspired by details found in the oceans and forests of the Pacific Northwest, like seeds, petals, dewdrops, flowers, the curves of a river, ferns, leaves, dragonflies, tide pools.....