I’ve been creating my whole life. Ever since I can remember I have had a crayon in my hand. I’ve been a professional at it for over 20 years and full-time at it for around 3. I started as a painter mostly. I started with acrylics and moved to oils. But no amount of paint can keep me satisfied! I also do embroidery mixed with old photos that I print on fabric. I paint “lover’s eyes” on silver spoons. I use my old photos to paint on or embellish with crystals. Sometimes I do a technique using pencil, gold leaf, and wax. I’m pretty sure I invented this technique as I have not seen it anywhere else. LOL. I enjoy painting found objects with history. Sometimes I feel I am all over the place yet think my work looks like it belongs to the same gypsy and she has it hanging all through her gypsy wagon. Sometimes I have stories to tell with my pieces and sometimes I want the viewer to tell ME the story that they see. I have art pieces living from Canada to South Africa. Even a television personality has one of my pieces.


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