My ceramic work is the outcome of both a mental and physical process. Vessels are made from earthenware slabs, paddled slightly and connected at the edges to make plump forms. These forms are derived from objects of interest that I encounter throughout my life, serving as a visual journal.  Retro fashion, flora and fauna, Lisa Frank, classic cars, drag performers, mid-century modern furniture, and cartoons from the 90s are all objects of interest for me. I break objects like these down to their essential lines and shapes, then build them back up into functional pots, so that the pot contains the essence of its origin but still serves a practical purpose. As a ceramic artist, I strive to transcend the binary of functional pottery and sculpture, by creating work that blends the two. It is important to me to maintain a sense of fluidity in my work. I am constantly playing with the challenges of function, while preserving a childlike sense of vibrancy.