My pottery explores playful drawn and screen-printed patterns on the bright white surface of porcelain. The white of porcelain resembles drawing paper, its ability to show color and contrast draws me in to sketch. The patterns I used are repetitive, taking inspiration from wallpaper and act as a commentary on the nostalgic motifs and lived experiences within domestic and natural spaces. Many of the nostalgic moments illustrated on my pottery stem from growing up in a suburban landscape and my current surrounding living in a rural landscape. These moments can seem very standard but are vivid in my memory and a have more elaborate story in mind. These memories are relatable, simple, and special, including the end of the driveway anticipation of the ice cream truck, a summer night bike ride, a neighbor’s interaction between fences, and campfire raccoons. I am also interested in the less memorable, quite contemplative moment of laying in the grass, looking up at the leaves, taking in the flowers, and daydreaming. When I am making pottery, it is a meditative daydream where time is lost. I hope that the users of my pottery enjoy the attention to detail and find themselves daydreaming about times that may be small but open up a memory.

Stephanie Dukat is originally from Buffalo, New York. She graduated from Buffalo State College in 2011 receiving a BS in art education and BFA in ceramics. She received an MFA in ceramics from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 2016. Stephanie’s studio practice focuses on functional and sculpture ceramics exploring nostalgic motifs of landscape and memory using clay, fibers, and printmaking. Currently, Stephanie is the Craft Shop Coordinator at Southern Illinois University Student Center, where she manages and teaches various adult and children's workshops and develops art programming. She is fortunate to make her work at her home studio in Ava, IL.