My inspiration for creating daily-use tableware comes from the childhood ritual of my family always sitting at the table for our meals. Meal time was when we gathered  to fill our hearts and souls, celebrated life and people and enjoyed the food that nourished our bodies. The table was set with simple plates and glassware and that tradition has followed into my own home. Using handmade dishes and serving pieces elevates the daily ritual even more. 

In a world of disposable things, I  invite people to value enjoying their meals and beverages using beautiful handcrafted tableware.  A lovely dish bearing a simple meal will always be a wonderful experience. 

Inspired by botanical sources and textures, my work evokes a strong sense of fluidity and movement with stamped shapes and carved broken lines. A dark clay body serves as the canvas for layered compositions featuring rich layers of colors, complementary contrasts, and sgraffito marks that combine to add depth and moodiness.

As an artist, my goal is to share my artistic voice in a body of work that brings collectors and users the same joy I have in making each piece.