My ornaments are based on book folding. I create my own stapled booklets and fold them into shapes. I add a string for hanging. No glue is used. I have been giving these ornament to friends and family for many years. I have many styles and patterns but only offering three styles this year. Frost: 16 page parchment paper. Clear sided box or solid box Rainbow: 24 page construction paper. Prism or Pride package. Joy: 12 page origami paper. Solid Blue or Light Blue, Mandala print, and assorted prints As a child I would fold big catalogs into complex shapes. These paper sculptures over
the years evolved into my art form. I am a retired commercial artist and created all the graphics and package each ornament. I engineer my ornaments to fit snug in a box for display, shipping, and storage. Each ornament is beautifully and securely boxed with a signed and dated package insert. I like to say...there’s no workshop full of elves. I make and package each ornament. I already have next year’s ornaments planned and will be introducing at least two new designs.