The challenge of the mold making process and the interaction of ceramic materials is what fuels my curiosity and keeps me active in the making process. My practice begins with carving models from plaster and augmenting found objects for positives. In these models I try to translate the gestures of animals, forms from nature and the swell and movement of cumulus clouds into functional shapes. A ceramic mold is then made from these models and caste in clay. Through adding elements together and multiple glaze firings the repetitious process is modified to create one of a kind functional pieces.

Recently my work has deviated to include simplistic forms that are heavily reliant on repetitive mark making. In this process the goal is to focus only on the line directly before as a way to center concentration. Something about the repetitive motion that requires tunnel vision to stay on task I find meditative. Using mainly underglaze pencil and very fine underglaze applicators, the work is left unglazed or minimally glazed to create a textural experience when held in the hand. The end result are pieces that reflect on natural repetitious patterns in nature. It is though this investigation of everyday tableware I strive to make works of art that the owner will use, handle and enjoy. I would like there to be a tiny celebration everyday and I hope my objects can inspire that in their owners.