I'm searching for celestial environments where my soul can have a place to dwell.  The experience of living can be inordinate. It is difficult to sustain the trials we face day in and day out. Although we may not be unassailable, we do heal, grow, and become stronger as time goes on. We all need a sacred place where we can rejuvenate.

Currently residing in Utah, Michael Wall is constantly looking for that balance in  life. “Ever since I was a little kid I would take the world around me and turn it into  my own.” Not much has changed except his experience. Michael paints with  watercolor, gouache, and other mediums to create Contemporary Landscapes  which are deep and thought provoking. His landscapes border between abstraction  and realism. He wants the viewer to identify with the familiar world while simultaneously  connecting with the spiritual realm. From time to time, the natural man tends to sneak in  and leave its mark.