Creating art is the only way my mind actually shuts up! (Just ask my family. I'm a pain if I don't get to my easel.) A form of meditation, my art brings me focus, clarity, and the ability to reset. I simplify landscapes and bring out the overall beauty of a place instead of focusing on the complex details. Just as meditation quiets the mind and shows what is truly important, I strive to simplify and bring out the important qualities in a landscape. My art comes from hikes in the woods, looking up at the sky, and remembering to breathe. It comes from exploring nature with my family then bringing it back home and into my studio. Sometimes I reference photographs I have taken while on our explorations, other times I use my imagination. I have no preconceived notions as to what my collectors, or viewers of my work, will take away from it. I only hope that my art acts as reminders to breathe, be present, and to connect with the beauty in the world around us. To me, art is connection, community, & how I process the world around me. I never consider my work finished until it finds a home. A home where it is loved and valued dearly