Like many folks, I found myself last year with an abundance of free time, without places to go or things to do. With several of my hobbies cut away from me due to lockdowns, I took a plunge and bought my first lathe as a birthday present to myself. I love working with wood because it is naturally beautiful, durable, and functional. As an artist, my goal is to take a piece of wood (often one that is destined for a firewood pile or landfill) and cut away the excess until I discover the object or form that was always hiding in the log, potentially for dozens of years. I find that the color, grain patterns, and sometimes even the signs of decay in wood are beautiful enough as is and thus I shy away from finishing that drastically alters the wood. Whether you use my art to serve food, store your pocket contents, or decorate a shelf I hope it serves you well and brings a little more beauty in your life.