Observing my surroundings, whether in nature or architecture, sparks ideas for shapes, colors and textures that will become my jewelry. I am highly drawn to textural qualities and dimensional aspects, though seldom do I know what a piece will look like when I am finished. I take elements of nature:  clay, glazes, and metals and transform them from very ordinary pieces into objects that are fun and individual wearable art.

I use flame, a rolling mill, stamps or reticulation to create the many textures that I incorporate into my work.  So many ordinary things can create such beauty when impressed into silver or when viewed outside the box.  All of my jewelry is hand fabricated from sterling silver sheet and wire, with the addition of gold fill, copper and semi-precious stones. I work alone in my studio making each piece from scratch. Most pieces are one of a kind.

“Turning Mud Into Gemstones” defines JLK Jewelry. My stones are all hand formed stoneware cabochons,  painted with the Jugtown Pottery glazes. The faces of my goddesses are each one of a kind, made from stoneware. The stones are fired in gas and electric kilns to cone 6 or cone 10, many fired multiple times, adding more glazes to create stones full of depth and color. The child in me quickly emerges each time the kiln is opened, I can’t wait to open it up and see what I will pull out.  I feel as though I have struck a vein of a new and wonderful stone as the glazes have melded to form my new stones.

​Creating my award winning jewelry gives me the opportunity to lose myself in my work each day. I strive to create pieces that speak to people, and give them something that allows them to express their personality. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank the universe for this wonderful life that I have been given and the opportunity to do something that I love every day. I live in a very serene, creative and magical environment, which rekindles my creativity and spirit each day. And so my jewelry evolves, as does my life.