I make functional ceramics that are a reflection of my love for simple luxuries.
By combining textures, colors and clean shapes I craft wares that are pleasure to both use and admire.

To me there is beauty in a seam left showing on the wall of a cup, or a rim that is just a hair off perfectly round and in fingerprints permanently trapped in glaze. These are the secrets left behind by the maker. They are the visible cues that shout out “I was not mass produced!”

 For many years I strived for perfection, never quite satisfied, as I tended to view these elegant markings more as flaws. But over time, it’s the flaws that bring me back to those pieces and keeps me interested in making more. I feel that my pottery is constantly in motion. As I move on to a new idea I can’t help but find myself revisiting the older pieces and combining bits of both to create new work. It’s an exciting process that I don’t ever see becoming perfected.