My work is based on an old thought: the universe is unknown, and we live to know it. In paintings, drawings, and prints I emphasize the holy, the mystic, and the sacred. I advocate a return to ritual and a rejection of the ego. To do this, I base my work in the natural world, portraying flora and fauna in reference to totems, icons, and emblems. With delicate details and intricate compositions I emphasize the beauty of the known and the unknown and the importance of seeing both. My work is thus drawn from a collective history of curiosity, joining instead of referencing this search for truth.

There are clues in my work that allow a deeper engagement for those interested to decode them, but my art isn’t dependent on that ability. I use aesthetics as a point of accessibility. Beauty and mystery create interest and engagement when the symbols I’ve included aren’t relevant or recognized. In this way, my intent is not to lead or instruct. I find it unimportant that the viewer see exactly what I see. What I find important is creating art in which the viewer sees something.