Originally from Farmington Hills, MI, Don Reynolds is a graduate of the University of Michigan – School of Art.  Mr. Reynolds currently lives in Bridgeport, CT, and teaches ceramics in Port Chester, NY at the Clay Art Center, and in Wilton, CT for Wilton High School’s Adult Education program.  His ceramic work has been included in many exhibitions throughout the United States.  

I create functional objects.  The expectation that they will be as fun to use, as they are exciting to look at, keeps me engaged during the process of creating.  I am driven to explore color, pattern, and the visual textures they can create, aiming to activate the surfaces of my pieces through these playful investigations.  My influences include all of the spectacles of modern times including the circus, the rodeo, county fairs, Mardi Gras / Carnival, (punk) rock and roll, casinos, outer space, gay culture, and other assorted roadside attractions which exude a gaudy allure.