I believe that love is infinite, reciprocal and has the power to do just about anything, including eradicating one of the most isolating threats to our well-being as humans - loneliness. But in order for love to have power, we must put our hands to tasks; we must take action; we must do.

Originally from Kentucky, I have called Miami, FL home for the better part of 20 years. I come from a long line of women who sewed, crafted, cooked and kept heritage crafts alive as a way of life. In today's modern world these familial skills keep me grounded and connected to my Appalachian roots so that I can bring love to my little corner of the world, and teach my daughter the beauty and strength in a woman's hands. I created Cozy Arts to offer products and services that bring thoughtfulness and intentionality to the forefront of everyday life by encouraging acts of love, one craft, one letter, one task at a time.

When I create, I start with a pattern, and am often inspired by the geometric stories displayed in quilts. Much like how quilts were made in the early days, from necessity, I use scraps of paper, artwork, old books and magazines, and even junk mail, to meticulously craft patterns, cut and glued by hand. These paper collages are the basis of all of my designs, which then find their way into greeting cards, enamel pins, stickers and more. I dream up, craft and sometimes collaborate with other artists to create products that make it easier to take action, in small, meaningful ways. Because, in my work and my life, I am constantly reminded that when we put our hands to tasks, our hearts can shine.