The work I create serves as a physical documentation of my daily surroundings and a visual commentary on the people, structures, and objects I encounter. Each piece acts as an attempt to absorb, represent, and better understand these environments. While my focus is primarily urban landscapes, I derive inspiration from a variety of settings. Mood and movement are two components which take precedent in my work. Using these elements, I aim to create an atmosphere which the viewer may momentarily visualize themselves within.

My work is comprised mostly of watercolor paintings on either traditional cotton paper or gessoed panel board. All works begin with a graphite underdrawing. I then apply multiple washes of watercolor pigment, starting with the lightest tones, and slowly working darker each subsequent layer. When working on paper, the surface fully absorbs the applied wash and leaves little room for the removal of pigment. Areas of the painting which need to remain white must be painted around and preserved throughout the entirety of the painting process. Works on panel allow for reductive methods to be utilized, where pigment is wiped away and lighter sections may be obtained at any step. Conversely, layers of pigment are easily agitated when working on panel, making the building of darker layers a delicate process. Interestingly, each surface offers opposite benefits and drawbacks.