My first experience with metal was when I took a file to an etching plate in high school. The idea that metal (such a seemingly permanent material) could be altered so easily made a huge impression. Since that day I've been on a lifelong journey to know all I can about the artistic potential of the material . . . and then to share it with anyone who will listen. I've done everything from drilling the same hole in the same spot for fifty of the same thing to setting a scrumptious diamond with the utmost care.  While living in Maine, I discovered the beauty of seaglass and have since used it in many of my pieces. I was always a girl who loved black and when it came to metal wanted to enjoy the properties of the material without distraction. Now, seaglass has made me appreciate the qualities of color. Working with it is a joy filled experience. The soothing blues and greens remind me of my childhood friend and our trips to the beach. The rare bright pieces make me think of city lights. Their brilliance softened by the rolling water the same way our worries are softened once we reach the shore after a tough week.  The pieces I make are for people to connect with. I'm so touched when someone tells me how much they are enjoying their jewelry. That's why I make my pieces lovingly. I make them to be worn day after day - mindful of who will be wearing them and their connections to the work.