Since 2013, Caitlin Cary has been working in a medium for which she coined the term “Needle Print,” a form of fabric collage in which cloth is affixed by machine stitch to paper or other rigid backing. To date she has focused primarily on depicting architecture with the first buildings she chose to render being those within a few-mile radius of her daily travels around her hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina—buildings about which she had been told stories, or about which she’d invented stories—about their histories, their multiple uses, the people who work in or inhabit them, notice or fail to notice them. In recent years Cary has broadened her geographic radius, and has found great pleasure in traveling and engaging friends, acquaintances and strangers to help her find and focus in on new subjects. What interests Cary most often are our “humble” landmarks: the buildings that speak to the complex character, politics, economy(ics) and narratives of our built landscape. In recent months she has also turned her eye toward portraiture, with new works featuring depictions of her husband and of beloved North Carolina balladeer Doc Watson.

In 2015, Cary was awarded the Regional Emerging Artist residency at Artspace in Raleigh. She has gone on to become a tenant artist there where she warmly receives guests and collectors in studio 110. Her work has been exhibited at The Miriam Block Gallery, the Frankie G. Weems Gallery at Meredith College, The Raleigh Fine Arts Exhibition, The Cameron Village Regional Library, The Artspace Upfront Gallery and others, and her work is prized by regional and national collectors. Cary is available for commissioned works.