I am a maker.

I’m happiest in my studio, playing with my tools, digging through a box of stones, and listening to favorite bluegrass band. “Slow craft,” “small batch,” “artisan-made” may be over-used terms, but they’re accurate descriptors of what I do. I start with simple materials: a sheet of metal, some wire, a pair of dividers and a jeweler’s saw, and begin to tinker, allowing one idea to lead to the next. Success is making something that is new and interesting, a compelling design that wears well. The best part, of course, is creating something that makes a woman feel joyful and beautiful.

I’m a Montanan.

I live in one of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen. I hike on backcountry trails with fields of wildflowers, rocky peaks, and occasional grizzly bear or moose sightings. I take morning walks along the Yellowstone River. And all of this grandeur seeps into my jewelry designs. This special place nourishes my soul in a way that sparks my creativity.

I’m a steward

I value protection of our wilderness areas and undeveloped lands. I value a healthy, unpolluted environment. I value fair, safe work environments for people worldwide. So I am committed to sustaining a business with a small footprint, using recycled materials to create my jewelry, and supporting my local community through my choices.


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