Bad Habits by Morgan Hill embodies the moment when you are about to have too much of a good thing. It’s the buzz you get from standing at the precipice of over-indulgence and knowing you might step off. It’s the taste of too much gin in your cocktail, the sound of frozen tater tots hitting a metal pan at midnight, the last ray of sunshine as you leave home on a Friday night. Like all indulgences, buying and wearing jewelry is a burst of excitement and joy but it holds the potential for a desire-fueled obsession. Some of my collections celebrate literal vices, others imply indulgence through color and form. Either way, Bad Habits sees jewelry as a way to fulfill an urge. It’s that little something you need to feel good. Or, maybe you don’t, but you want it anyway.


Although nearly all my work relates to the human body, Bad Habits is the side of my creative practice that exclusively focuses on jewelry and wearable art. I make jewelry because it balances my studio practice and keeps my hands moving. It helps me plow through creative blocks and allows for exploration of new forms and ideas. It is playful, fun, colorful and light. It is also my primary business. Selling jewelry allows me to make a living and connect with a broad audience of amazing people who use my work to express and indulge themselves (though some of them might be taking it a little too far!)