Looking Up

By the time you get this I will have moved forward. A local periodical quoted me as saying “It’s OK to take two steps back as long as you put your best foot forward”. There is flaw in that logic to most– obviously you are going backward– fabulously backward. When you dance -- which is what the quote is referring to -- you move backwards, forwards, and around & around. Context and perspective -- choosing to get out there and dance is in fact moving forward.

It is perspective and appropriate positive attitude that get us moving in the right direction. These paintings explore using whatever we have to go forward. Sometimes carrying on is as simple as acknowledging the heavens. Sometimes we are celebrating life and our spirits are light-footed. Other times we are overflowing with contemplation and seek solace amid whatever environment we can find. The elders may speak. We may not understand – but we hear and we acknowledge and we may apply their wisdom in the future. We just have to keep Looking Up and filter our vision as best we can.